The One With That Started It ALL!

Published by in Blog on August 7th, 2011

This being my first BLOG since I’ve reopened the site I felt I needed to re-explain the rules . . . Basically if you’ve never read one of my BLOG’s they’re all over the place and prolly make little to no sense.  The rule of grammar and society generally don’t apply although I plan on holding myself to PG or PG-13 ratings as the upgrades I’ve made now post FB.  New to this version will be my BLOG naming system.  BLOGS will now have a “Friends-esk” title which I normally incorporate into my sites in some fashion or another . . .other than that opinions and comments are appreciated and encouraged; however; remember they are infact like buttholes in the way that everyone has one.  Now for the real post . . . .   I sat down and started this BLOG several days ago . . .  wasn’t sure what I wanted to say or even do with this thing.  I had a hugely deep philosophic BLOG typed out and changed my mind.  I dunno if you guys or I am ready for that kind of commitment . . . ROFL so after a title change and deleting the

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